Car Explodes in St. Lucie County, Five Dead

Shock and awe are all the people of Fort Pierce, Florida can manage as they take in the horrific damage caused by a drunk driver. In November of 2018, Tanner Ray Dashner caused a deadly wreck that killed 5 people, seriously injured one, and gave several other minor injuries.

A car driving down south 25th street on a Friday night slammed into the back of a van carrying 6 motorists. The impact caused the vehicle to spin before going up in flames. Lucas Joseph, an employee at the nearby restaurant Hungry Howie’s, saw the car as it went up in flames.

Just days after Thanksgiving, the family of the deceased victims mourned their loss. Anthony Victor, 21; Anthony M. Martin, 16; Darien L. Douglas, 21; and Alexis Chaney, 17, have all been identified as passengers in the car crash. The driver of the vehicle that burst into flames has been identified as Kedan D. Tillett.

One passenger, a 14-year-old girl that was sitting in the front seat, managed to escape the vehicle before it combusted. A passing driver was able to pull her from the wreckage before fire engulfed the van, saving her life. Ari’yonnia Stanberry spent the next night in the hospital and had to battle with the unfortunate incident that has cost her several loved ones.

Dashner was critically injured as a result of drunk driving and was taken into custody 25 days after the fatal crash. His blood alcohol content less than an hour following the accident was a staggering .274, three times the legal limit. Bottles of apple whiskey and Bacardi were found in his vehicle.

His bond stands at $7.5 million, and if he posts, he would be placed on house arrest and be restricted from establishments that sell alcohol as their primary product. He is facing numerous charges, including 5 counts of vehicular homicide and 5 counts of DUI manslaughter.