Teen Girl Almost Dies After Binge Drinking

A girl was brought to a Massachusetts hospital after she spent the night at a friend’s house drinking with several others. Ryleigh Ackles, 15, told her mother she was going to a sleepover with some friends. Later that night, however, her mother received a disturbing Facebook message. Melissa Aho was told that her daughter had passed out.

She immediately began calling the person, and upon receiving no answer to her frantic calls and texts, she questioned them furiously. Aho did not get a response because the person was picking up Ryleigh, along with another teenager that had asked for help, and bringing them to Aho’s residence.

Upon arriving, Ackles was unresponsive and bleeding from one of her eyes. Her mother reports that she was foaming at the mouth and vomiting into her lungs on the way to the hospital. Paramedics and medical staff administered Narcan to the teenager four times with no effect.

When blood tests came back, doctors found that Ackles has a blood alcohol level of .28. Death can occur at .30, which is the level most individuals reach after about 6 drinks. She was put on a respirator, and her mother hoped for the best and feared the worst.

Aho waited 14 hours for her daughter to open her eyes, once that miracle occurred it was another several days until the alcohol was expelled from Ackles’ system.

The teenager was saved from fatal consequences, as BAC can rise while someone is passed out or sleeping after drinking heavily. Aho was so stunned by her situation that she wrote a powerful Facebook post about the incident and warned parents and teens of the dangers of drinking.

Alcohol poisoning is a severe possibility when individuals partake in high levels of alcoholic beverages. It requires immediate medical attention. Alcohol poisoning can be intentional or by accident, but there are signs each person should know in order to seek medical help for themselves or other individuals that may be suffering from alcohol overdose.

Symptoms include confusion, seizures, slowed or irregular breathing, a blue or pale tinge to the skin, loss of consciousness, vomiting, and low body temperature. Binge drinking is a common cause of alcohol poisoning, ingesting 4 or more drinks within two hours could put both males and females at risk of reaching dangerous BAC levels.

Ryleigh Ackles and her mother were saved by the help of selfless friends getting her the medical attention she required without fear of getting in trouble.

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