Woman Tortured and Killed by Teen Girls

Two teenage girls were found guilty of the murder of 38-year-old Angela Wrightson. Wrightson was an alcoholic that frequently invited strangers into her home. She wanted company and someone to talk to, and on the day she met her demise she thought she had found friends – two girls ages 13 and 14.

Wrightson was known around the neighborhood by some kids because she let them smoke and drink in the safety of her home. The girls demanded Wrightson buy them alcohol, to which she obliged.

They then proceeded to prey on Wrightson, inflicting over 100 injuries on her in just 9 hours. They utilized a TV set, a coffee table, and a wooden stick during their hours torturing the lonely woman.

The girls cannot be named due to their age, but they have both been sentenced to life in custody for their crime. The trial took 8 weeks, with the judge ruling that the girls be detained for a minimum of 15 years. Times Newspapers, Associated News, and Newsgroup all petitioned the judge to release the names of the suspects, but they were rejected.

The girls made Wrightson plead for her life just weeks before Christmas, only pausing their torture to take pictures and videos for Snapchat. They even called the police to Wrightson’s home at 4 a.m. the morning of her demise, using the police as a “taxi service” and sharing it to Snapchat.

The judge of the case, Mr. Justice Globe, referenced a letter written by Wrightson’s mother in which she speaks about the horror she felt upon seeing her daughter’s body. She said she “does not think she will ever be able to blink those images away.”

The mother also mentions that she was so disturbed by the evidence presented in court, videos and pictures showing the girls laughing and posing, that she had to stop attending court sessions.

One of the teenage girls has been revealed to suffer from a mental disorder, and Globe revealed that she had tried to kill herself several times while the trial progressed. The girl is only known as Girl A, and she is said to have been on “two-minute visual checks” at the end of the trial. The judge spoke of her banging her head on walls, scratching at her face, and strangling herself with her own hair.

Both teenagers denied murdering Angela Wrightson, but there is surmountable evidence showing that they caused the untimely death of the frail woman.

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